RMP Exchange placeThe New Jersey Transit Police PBA Local 304 is a labor union comprised of over 170 officers from the rank of Patrolman through the rank of Detective within the New Jersey Transit Police Department. As the bargaining agent for the officers of the department, we negotiate contracts, ensure contract compliance, and take the necessary action to protect our members. As the labor union, we strive to protect the right of all members of the Local, according to our contract, department rules and regulations, and State and Federal Law.

PBA Local 304 is made up of proud and dedicated officers who are charged with the responsibility of protecting over 500,000 commuting passengers daily. Our fundamental duties are to safeguard lives and property; protect against deception, intimidation, and violence; and to uphold, without prejudice, the Constitutional rights of all people. We invite you to check the various links to learn more about PBA Local 304 and its members and to read about current events regarding our local.

This site will keep our members updated as well as the general public informed. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back often.