PBA Local 304 Announces Historic Partnership with Bloomfield PBA Local 32

Earlier this fall, PBA Local 304 entered into an historic agreement with another PBA Local in New Jersey and solidified a permeant home that our Local has been seeking for some time. I’m proud to announce that PBA Local 304 and Bloomfield PBA Local 32 have come together and will share space in what will be one of the premiere union spaces in the area. The hall, which is located inside the Wassesting Avenue Station in Bloomfield, will be home for both Locals to share administrative space, hold union meetings and other social functions. After extensive renovations of the interior of the property were completed, Local 304 has moved in and begun making our mark on the hall. It’s been a pleasure to deal with the Executive Board from Local 32 and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with our Brothers and Sisters from Bloomfield PD.

Posted in President's Update.